Education Hive

Education Hive is part of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation Hive Collective giving initiative, which also includes the Environment Hive, Health Hive and Housing Hive.

Education Hive

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is pleased to invite you to join a new collective giving initiative – Education Hive.

Led by Hive Ambassadors Paul Wheelton AM KSJ, Angela Wheelton OAM and Krystyna Campbell-Pretty, the Education Hive brings together a group of like-minded individuals who want to see flourishing education and employment opportunities that support people to develop skills and follow meaningful career paths.

Angela and Paul Wheelton are excited to be Ambassadors of the Education Hive and promote how positive social change occurs through collective giving. Having had experience in the establishment of collective giving programs over the last few years, Paul and Angela wanted to be involved in educating the broader philanthropic community about this exciting new initiative introduced by Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

Paul and Angela have chosen to support the Education Hive, as gender equity, education and employment are the core pillars of Wheelton Philanthropy and the key drivers in their Indonesian based projects. Both being children of immigrants, this has also shaped and influenced the direction of their philanthropy.

Krystyna Campbell-Pretty supports a number of highly targeted educational programs. She believes that relatively small budget programs that are strategically designed and directed can have enormous impact in improving educational outcomes. She also believes to maximise effectiveness, it is important to target high need and high vulnerability groups who for socio-economic, geographical or other reasons have less access to educational opportunities.

Krystyna has a strong belief in the importance of education through experiences in the visual and performing arts. The NGV Schools Access Program that Krystyna and her family fund, has had a profound effect on many children of whom have never visited an art gallery. Krystyna also supports post graduate management education scholarships at Melbourne Business School for those working in the not-for-profit sector, to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

Membership to Education Hive is open to anyone who would like to make a difference by giving collectively with others. You can become a member of the group with a tax-deductible contribution of $1,000 or more.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation will present selected applications from the following two not-for-profit organisations:

River Nile Learning Centre (RNLC) addresses the unique educational needs of Refugee and Asylum Seeker women, by providing programs and services that help students develop essential English language, literacy, numeracy, life and work skills to integrate and thrive in our community. RNLC is seeking funds for the provision of professional welfare support for their students, mostly aged mid-20s to 30’s, to support their complex challenging and personal circumstances.

The Smith Family’s Girls at the Centre program operates in partnership with Bairnsdale Secondary College, and provides comprehensive and holistic support to approximately 45 girls, the majority of whom are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. It aims to strengthen the social, emotional and academic aspirations of participants and increase their attendance and achievement at school. The Smith Family is seeking funds to contribute to the costs of running the program.

As a member of the Education Hive, you will be invited to a special giving event on Monday 3rd September, 2:30pm – 4:30pm. At this event you will have the opportunity to hear presentations from both organisations and choose which project you would like to support.

Our goal as a Hive is to raise $50,000 for each project, from funds contributed by a small group of Hive members. Donations of up to $25,000 will be matched by Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, distributed across these two projects, making this a great opportunity to leverage your giving further.

As a member of Education Hive, you will learn about the issues and challenges that affect access to education and employment for those within our community. You will experience the transformative impact of collective giving by pooling your donation together with other Hive members.

In its inaugural year, the Education Hive will focus on education opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and refugee and asylum seeker women.

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