Our Mission & Vision

The group focuses on using the wealth generated from its operations in supporting various areas of philanthropy both within Australia and overseas however 90% of its work is Melbourne Centric.

The key focus areas are on Children’s Well-being and Education and Women and Girls Causes.

We have a Gender Wise and Disadvantage bias in all we do.

Wheelton Philanthropy

Our Goals

Gender Equality

Ensure that women, men, girls and boys enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections.

Quality Education

Education is a right of every person, our goal is to help provide the best education to the most vulnerable.

Happy Children

Children are the future, which is why Wheelton Philanthropy is so passionate about education. Helping children in their early years provides them more opportunities as young adults. 


Wheelton Philanthropy supports various Projects in the Health Sector.

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Wheelton Philanthropy is committed to helping those all around the world from all facets of life.