What is Philanthropy?

What is Philanthropy?


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Quite simply, philanthropy is the love of humankind. It involves the giving of time, information, goods, services and money to improve the well being of humanity and the community. Therefore, if people are described as philanthropic it says something about their character and Values, more than their wealth.

Philanthropy’s best advocate is your voice and its most potent partner is leadership. Money is the third element. People’s advocacy and commitment combine to form leadership; donations will follow. Philanthropy is so often associated with money. However, giving money is generous but not always philanthropic.

There is no doubt money is a potent partner with philanthropy but it its most important element is your voice. Lending your voice shows commitment and its unwavering and resolute consistency is part of leadership.

Therefore, recruiting advocates can be better in the long run than simply asking for money. A group of parents at a school recently decided to adopt the phrase Giving to all as its philanthropy Vision statement. The giving is not defined leaving the door open for people to contribute their time, talent or treasure. Their passion is to ensure the students, staff, parents and friends give. The phrase Giving for all will be incorporated in messages and over time giving will become a proud tradition.

Is it better to collect donations or donors?

Donations add to the collective sum receipted and contribute to an overall goal. They assist organisations reach a target, or milestone, and are a very good way to determine progress. They make you feel good and the Boards like them very much. Donations help your organisation deliver its intentions and provide stories to inspire others to follow. They also provide satisfaction and much pleasure.

Collecting donors is not the same; donors can lend their voice and become advocates to enhance your organisation’s profile and remit. Thanking donors is the first step and then there is stewardship…. the all- important maintaining a connection.

A thoughtful stewardship program helps you gain donor loyalty and interest. Donors can be invaluable sources of information, hints and wisdom and all you need do is make a call.
Wise old saying:
No one has ever become poor by giving.
Anne Frank